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Estate Planning

An estate plan is a set of legal documents that nearly all people need, and it is especially important for parents, property owners, and seniors. A properly-prepared estate plan will ensure that you, your family, and your assets will be cared for according to your wishes in the unfortunate event of an incapacitating accident, illness, or death. If you do not have an executed estate plan, the State has laws that will determine what happens to you, your children, and your assets in the event that become unable to make those determinations yourself, and it is a process that unfolds in court, often in unpleasant and costly legal battles.



If you’ve been putting off estate planning, or if your current plan is outdated, you’re certainly not alone—but you could be putting your family and loved ones at risk. Don’t put it off any longer. We’re here to help you protect your loved ones and bring peace of mind by creating an effective estate plan that preserves your wishes and the legacy you’ve built.


The Law Offices of Gabriel Lenhart makes it easy to create and revise your estate plan. We are experts in the preparation and execution of the following estate planning documents:


  • Will - specifies how you want your money and property to be divided and who you will give it to

  • Pour-Over Will - ensures that assets which weren’t transferred into your trust during your lifetime are “poured over” into your trust so they avoid probate

  • Trust - an agreement where you choose who will manage your assets both during and after your lifetime for the benefit of yourself and your named beneficiaries after you pass

  • Revocable Living Trust - a trust that you can modify or terminate as long as you are living

  • Irrevocable Trust - a trust that cannot be modified or terminated, with limited caveats, that can accomplish asset protection, estate tax reduction, and charitable planning, among other things

  • Power of Attorney - appoints certain people to act and make decisions on your behalf with regard to your financial affairs and assets

  • Healthcare Power of Attorney - appoints a person to be responsible for making healthcare decisions on your behalf; this document is part of an Advanced Healthcare Directive

  • Living Will - specifies your end-of-life care decisions; this document is part of an Advanced Healthcare Directive

  • HIPAA-Compliant Documents - all legal documents included in our estate planning packages which may be needed for health care purposes are specifically HIPAA-compliant to preserve the privacy of your health records

Estate Planning Resources
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