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  • Gabriel B. Lenhart

How To Avoid Conservatorships: Planning Ahead For Your Loved Ones

Do you worry about an aging parent or loved one living by themselves?

If you have a parent or loved one transitioning into this stage of life, it is important to take the necessary steps that will ensure you have legal authority to make decisions if this person becomes unable to make their own decisions.

If you fail to plan properly you could find yourself at the mercy of the courts to grant a conservatorship.

With proper planning, there are ways to avoid a conservatorship. Powers of attorney, living trusts, advanced health directives, and other estate planning tools can give a chosen family member legal authority to act on behalf of the aging or incapacitated loved one.

Before it's too late, let us help you and your loved one develop a plan.

Please note that this article is a general summary of law and omits many important details, footnotes, and caveats. It is no substitute for legal advice from a lawyer based on your particular circumstances.

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