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  • Gabriel B. Lenhart

What is Probate? Avoid The Painful Probate Process

So what can you initially expect from the probate process?

Here in California, probate proceedings can be long, costly, and confusing. It's no wonder so many people take steps to spare their families the hassle.

The primary objective in probate is to make sure creditors have been paid. Once all of the debts have been paid, the remaining assets are allocated to the appropriate legal beneficiaries.

There are three major obstacles with the probate process. Time, money and privacy. Probate proceedings are very costly, and the entire process can take anywhere from 8 months to several years. Lastly and most importantly the entire proceeding is public record.

Please note that this article is a general summary of law and omits many important details, footnotes, and caveats. It is no substitute for legal advice from a lawyer based on your particular circumstances.

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